Corner Castings

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Shipping container corner castings are metal blocks attached at each corner of a container that allow for the secure connection of equipment for lifting, stacking and lashing shipping containers.

Corner castings are robust metal components that serve as anchor points for lifting, securing, and stacking containers during storage, transportation and handling.

They do not have moving parts. They are the housing to which other components are attached – such as twist locks and bridge clamps for stacking, or acting as a connection point for container handling equipment, such as cranes and forklifts.

Corner Castings are also referred to as Shipping Container Corner Blocks. They can be used in sets of eight – one on each of the top and bottom corners of a shipping container – to enable secure stacking of containers, both vertically and horizontally.

Usually welded to the shipping container, they feature standardised configurations to ensure compatibility with other containers and lifting equipment worldwide.

There are four different configurations for the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right corners of a container.

Corner Castings Diagram showing container corner casts for each corner of a shipping container

Corner castings are designed to withstand high loads and mechanical stresses. We supply durable, high-quality corner blocks for shipping containers capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions. All our corner castings meet required international standards.

We stock both steel and aluminium corner blocks for shipping containers to suit all needs, together with associated accessories and a full range of twist locks, bridge fittings (bridge clamps) and other shipping container parts and products.

Our high-quality corner cast products are in stock and available for immediate fast delivery to all capital cities, regional, rural areas and mines in Australia. We also offer quick international delivery.