Refrigerated Shipping Container Parts

We tailor all quote requests individually and make price adjustments for bulk and regular orders.

Spare And Replacement Parts for Refrigerated Containers – Reefer Parts

We supply a comprehensive range of parts to maintain and service your refrigerated shipping containers (reefers). We have products to assist if you need to replace gaskets, ensure proper drainage, improve airflow or need specific components.

Our selection includes:

  • Door parts: Find replacement gaskets (internal and external) and door mouldings (flat and angled) to ensure a proper seal and secure closure.
  • Drainage solutions: Drain plugs and kazoo valves (large and small) to prevent water buildup and potential cargo damage from moisture.
  • Airflow components: Maintain optimal airflow within your reefer with T-floor sections.
  • General replacements: Hinges, brackets, stainless steel panels for high cubes and pour foam.


All our parts are sourced from reliable manufacturers and built to withstand harsh environments.

If you're unsure about a specific part or need recommendations for your reefer, don't hesitate to contact our expert team. We're happy to provide tailored advice.