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If you are looking to buy shipping container locks, locking cases, padlocks and lock boxes, we stock a premium range of the best shipping container security products ready for immediate dispatch.

Container security locks are essential for physically securing containers and preventing unauthorized access and theft.

A shipping container locking case (or lock box) is a security device that covers the padlock on a shipping container door, providing additional security and protection from tampering and weather damage. It's essentially a metal box that fits over the padlock, making it more difficult for thieves to cut or break it off.

Locking cases can be welded or bolted to the container. We have options for both available.

Seals, including bolt seals or cable seals, provide visible evidence of tampering or unauthorized entry for additional container security.

All our security devices are strong, durable and corrosion-resistant.

They are indispensable for protecting valuable goods from theft, vandalism, and tampering.

We are experts in shipping container parts and are happy to provide guidance on the best shipping container security products for your needs.