Shipping Container Wheels

Shipping container wheels, also called container castors, are specialised wheels designed to ease the movement and transportation of shipping containers.

Shipping containers can be awkward and heavy to relocate, but our premium container wheels make the task safer, simpler, and more cost-effective than other solutions.

Wheels typically attach to the corners of the container, allowing for easy manoeuvrability.

Our shipping container wheels come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various container weights and sizes, including heavy duty, all-terrain shipping container wheels and wheels with integrated twist locks for easy, secure attachment to containers.

Installation of our container wheels is swift, requiring only a few minutes, and they can be easily removed once your container has been relocated, ready for use on another unit.

Constructed from durable materials, both the wheels and housings are engineered to endure the weight and stresses associated with transportation.

Additionally, we offer compatible A-frames for convenient towing behind vehicles and lifting brackets to elevate containers as needed.

Shipping container wheels require a mechanism to attach them to the container, often a combination of twistlocks and corner castings.

Shipping container wheels offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for the relocation of containers.

To ensure you select the most suitable wheels for your container type, load weight, and terrain, our team of experts is available to provide guidance.

We only supply genuine, high-quality products, stocked and ready for swift delivery across Australia, including mining facilities, with international shipping available for customers outside Australia.