Shipping Container Wheels

We tailor all quote requests individually and make price adjustments for bulk and regular orders.

Shipping container wheels are specifically designed to facilitate ease and efficiency in the movement and transportation of shipping containers.

Shipping containers can be awkward and heavy to relocate, but our premium container wheels make the task safer, simpler, and more cost effective than some other solutions.

Constructed from durable materials, both the wheels and housings are engineered to endure the weight and stresses associated with transportation.

Container wheels are also known as container castors.

Our Container Wheel Types

Our wheels come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various container weights and sizes, including heavy duty, all-terrain wheels and wheels with integrated twist locks for easy, secure attachment.

We only supply genuine, high-quality products, stocked and ready for swift delivery across Australia, including mining facilities, with international shipping available for customers outside Australia.

  • Standard Duty Wheels: Ideal for smooth, flat surfaces like concrete floors or paved pathways, they come in various sizes and load capacities and are often the most cost-effective option for simple movement needs.
  • Heavy-Duty Wheels: Built to handle tough conditions, they are constructed with sturdier materials and boast higher load capacities, making them suitable for heavy containers or uneven terrain.
  • Swivel Castors: These versatile wheels offer 360-degree rotation, allowing for exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. They're particularly useful when you need to precisely position your container or navigate around obstacles.


Additionally, we offer compatible A-frames for convenient towing behind vehicles and lifting brackets to elevate containers as needed.

How to Choose the Right Wheel

  1. Assess your terrain: What kind of surface will your container be rolling on? Flat concrete, rough gravel, or something in between? Understanding the terrain is crucial.
  2. Consider the weight: How much weight will your container be carrying? Choose wheels with a load capacity that exceeds the total weight of your container and its contents.
  3. Evaluate maneuverability needs: Do you require tight turns or precise positioning? If so, consider swivel castors for superior maneuverability.
  4. Brakes: Check if the brakes are suitable for your needs.


To ensure you select the most suitable wheels for your container type, load weight, and terrain, our team of experts is available to provide guidance.

How To Install Wheels On Containers

Container wheels typically attach to the corners of the container, allowing for easy manoeuvrability. They are usually attached using twistlocks and corner castings.

Installation is swift, requiring only a few minutes, and they can be easily removed once your container has been relocated, ready for use on another unit.


Safety should always be a priority. Ensure your wheels are properly installed, well maintained, have an appropriate maximum load capacity for the weight of your container and are suitable for the terrain and conditions.

Never overload your container or exceed the weight limit of the wheels.

All our products meet required safety standards.

We have experience and expertise

If you are in doubt as to which are the best container wheels for you, consult with our expert team, we are always happy to help.

We can also provide guidance on installation and maintenance.