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CFG-001 Corner Cast Top Left

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Size: 178 x 162 x 118mm (L x W x H)
Material: SCW490
Weight: 10.5 KGS

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Corner Cast Top Left

Corner Castings, also known as Corner Blocks for shipping containers, are heavy-duty components used in conjunction with twist locks and bridge fittings for the secure connection of shipping containers to other objects to allow safe storage or transportation.

Corner Castings or Blocks help form the 8 corners of a Shipping Container, enabling all types of Shipping containers or Base Frames to be lifted (utilising Lifting Lugs) and connected using Twist Locks – Anchored (Boltable Twistlocks), Stacked (Manual/Semi -Auto Twistlocks) and Transported (Truck Trailer Twistlocks).

Our premium steel container corner casts are sturdy and durable, designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and certified to the highest international level, ISO 1161, ABS, and DNV.

Size: 178 x 162 x 118mm (L x W x H)
Material: SCW490
Weight: 10.5 KGS

Matching corner castings for shipping containers are available for top right, bottom left and bottom right fittings as well as aluminium corner casts, double corner castings and associated fittings.

Our high-quality corner cast products are in stock and available for immediate fast delivery to all capital cities, regional, rural areas and mines in Australia. We also offer quick international delivery.

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