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JAC-001 – Container Jack / Levelling Device – 2500kg rating

JAC-001 Shipping Container Jack Levelling Device – 2500kg rating

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JAC-001 – Shipping Container Jack Levelling Device – 2500kg rating

Weight Rating: 2500 kg (2.5-ton) rating.  Our Container Jacks are capable of being customised up to 10 Ton.

The primary purpose of a shipping container jack is to provide support and stability during storage, loading and unloading of containers. A shipping container jack is essentially a heavy-duty hydraulic or mechanical device designed to lift and support the corners or sides of a shipping container.

The main purposes of a shipping container jack include:

  1. Levelling Device: One of the primary functions of a shipping container jack is to level the container on uneven surfaces. This is particularly important for ensuring safety during loading and unloading operations, as well as for the stability of the container during transportation.
  2. Support during Loading and Unloading: Shipping container jacks are used to support the corners or sides of the container while it is being loaded or unloaded from trucks, ships, or other transport vehicles. This helps prevent the container from tilting or shifting unexpectedly.
  3. Foundation Support: In some cases, shipping container jacks are used to provide additional support to the foundation of the container, especially when it is placed on soft or unstable ground. By lifting and stabilizing the corners or sides of the container, the jack helps distribute the weight more evenly, reducing the risk of sinking or damage to the container.
  4. Maintenance and Repair: Shipping container jacks are also used during maintenance and repair operations to lift the container off the ground, allowing access to the underside for inspection, cleaning, and repairs.


Our container levelling jacks comprise a sturdy base with adjustable height mechanism. The height can be extended or retracted to achieve the desired level.

The Shipping Container Jack is straightforward to operate. They can be positioned under the container corners, and their height can be adjusted as needed.

Constructed from robust materials, our shipping container jacks can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during container transportation and storage.

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