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TWI-004 Double Stacking Twistlock Manual Left Locking

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Manual Double Stacking Container Twist Lock Left Locked

Material: Heat Treatable Steel
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised
Load: Minimum breaking load tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN
Weight: 4.5Kgs

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Condition: New

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TWI-004 Manual Double Ended Twist Lock Left Locked

Double stacking twist locks are used for the safe and secure vertical stacking of shipping containers. They are engineered with two back-to-back connector cones and one locking mechanism. The top twist lock cone fits into a container corner casting on the top container while the lower twistlock cone secures into a container block on the lower container.

This design ensures the secure vertical connection of two shipping containers.

Manual Double Stacking Twistlocks are also called Manual Double Ended Twistlocks for shipping containers, Manual Stackable Container Twist Locks or Manual Double Twist Locks.

TWI-004 is a manual double ended container twist lock left locking. TWI-014 is our corresponding right locking double ended twistlock.

Manual locking requires manual manipulation by the operator to engage or disengage the locking system for ultimate control, ensuring the locks are only engaged once the operator is fully satisfied with the alignment of the containers.

Made from high-strength steel and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance, the double ended twistlocks provide a robust connection capable of handling significant static and dynamic loads and withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Securely locked containers minimise the risk of shifting cargo, leading to safer transportation and reduced damage potential.

The key features of our manual double stacking twistlocks include:

  • Double-ended design: Unlike standard twist locks, these have locking cones at both ends, ensuring secure engagement with both the upper and lower container corner castings.
  • Increased strength: Robust construction and reinforced components handle the higher loads associated with double-stacking configurations.
  • Secure locking mechanisms: Positive locking action prevents accidental release during transport, even in challenging conditions.
  • Standardized design: Adherence to international standards (e.g., ISO 1161) ensures compatibility with most container corner castings.
  • Easy operation: Manual locking for full control of engagement and disengagement.



  • Material: Heat Treatable Steel
  • Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Load: Minimum breaking load tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN
  • Weight: 4.5Kgs


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Operation Instructions

Watch Demonstration Video – Double Ended Twist Lock For Shipping Containers Demonstration


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