Basic boxes and kits

We tailor all quote requests individually and make price adjustments for bulk and regular orders.

Essential Sundström Basic Boxes & Kits for Workplace Respiratory Protection

We supply a selection of boxes and kits as convenient and cost-effective solutions for various shipping container respiratory protection needs.

These pre-packaged kits include essential components like respirators, filters, and accessories, making it easy to equip your workers with the necessary protection against common airborne hazards.

Key Features:

  • Complete protection kits: Include everything you need, from respirators and filters to pre-filters and cleaning wipes.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Offer a convenient and affordable way to comply with workplace safety regulations.
  • Variety of options: Available in various configurations to suit different applications and protection levels.
  • High-quality Sundström components: Ensure reliable performance and user comfort.


Replacement filters and accessories are also available separately.

We are happy to provide advice via phone or email if you are unsure what products would be best for your circumstances.