Sundstrom Half Masks

We tailor all quote requests individually and make price adjustments for bulk and regular orders.

Sundström Half-Mask Respirators offer reliable protection against everyday industrial hazards found in shipping container environments. These are negative pressure respirators.

These masks effectively protect against dust, mists, and fumes, making them suitable for everyday tasks including:

  • Dust exposure from cutting, sanding, grinding, etc.
  • Painting – Protection against paint fumes, sanding dust, and wood particles.
  • Metalworking – Welding fumes, grinding dust, and metal debris.
  • General maintenance and repair – Dust, debris, and occasional chemical exposure.


Key Features:

  • Half-face design: Covers the nose and mouth, offering comfortable protection for most tasks.
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting use in demanding environments.
  • Effective filtration: Replaceable filters ensure efficient protection against various airborne contaminants.
  • Easy to use and maintain: Simple filter replacement and straightforward cleaning process. Replacement filtration components and head straps are available.
  • Comfortable fit: Adjustable straps and nose bridge provide a secure and comfortable fit for various face shapes and sizes.


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