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PAA-004 Side Panel

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Side Panel Triton Standard GP

Dimensions: 1.6mm x 1116mm x 2400mm
Material: Corten Steel
Weight: 41.744Kgs

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Shipping Container Side Panels Triton Standard GP

These side panels are large, metal sheets that form the structural walls of a container. They are manufactured from corrugated steel for enhanced strength, rigidity, and resistance to impact, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion.

They can be used for repairing damaged sections of existing container walls to restore or maintain structural integrity and weatherproofing.

Panels are in a standard size to ensure compatibility across container types.

They are also known as Container wall panels and Corrugated wall sheets.

Side Panel Triton Standard GP

  • Specifications: 1.6mm x 1116mm x 2400mm
  • Material: Corten Steel
  • Weight: 41.744Kgs


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