Twist Locks

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Twist locks are small mechanical devices used to secure shipping containers together or attach a container to a flat surface, such as the ground or a trailer bed.

They are an essential part of the system of securely joining shipping containers. They are used in conjunction with corner castings (also known as shipping container blocks).

Twistlocks are specifically designed to lock containers at their corners, enabling safe and efficient stacking on the ground or on vessels, trains or trucks.

Shipping container corner castings attached to each corner of the shipping container provide the anchor points for twist locks. The cone of the twist lock is inserted into the corner casting, then rotated to lock it in place and prevent it from moving. By twisting the lock mechanism, containers are firmly connected, creating a stable and secure structure that prevents shifting or tipping during transit or extreme conditions, such as strong winds or rough seas.

We supply the following types of shipping container twist locks:

  • Manual Twist Locks: These are the standard twist locks operated manually by twisting the lock mechanism.
  • Semi-Automatic Twist Locks: These feature a mechanism that automatically locks onto the container corner when aligned. They offer increased efficiency and convenience in container handling operations.
  • Weldable Twist Locks: The lock base can be welded directly to any structure.
  • Double-stacking Twist Locks: Double-ended locks used for vertically stacking shipping containers
  • Dovetail Twistlocks: With an accompanying base place, which can be welded, cemented or bolted to a surface, dovetail twist locks are designed to firmly attach a shipping container to a flat surface.
  • Anchored Twist Locks, Boltable Twist Locks: Designed to be easily attached and detached from container corners, allowing quick installation and removal as needed. They are commonly used for temporary container stacking or specialized handling applications.
  • Truck Trailer Twist Locks – used to secure containers to flatbeds
  • Horizontal Interconnectors or bridge clamps – used for horizontal connections


Both twist locks and bridge clamps use corner casts as the anchor mechanism.

We can provide expert advice to guide you to the correct twistlock for your needs and advise on associated fittings or products, such as foundation plates, lifting lugs, and shipping container wheels that may be needed for twist lock installations and moving and lifting containers.

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