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LAS-013 Container Lifting Lug (Bottom Camlock)

Shipping Container Lifting Lug For Bottom Camlock

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Shipping Container Lifting Lug Bottom Camlock

A lifting lug for bottom camlock is a specialized attachment designed to securely connect lifting equipment to the bottom corner castings of a standard ISO shipping container. It features a cam mechanism that locks into the container corner cast, ensuring a stable and reliable connection during lifting operations.

This type of lifting lug is specifically used for lifting shipping containers from the bottom using a lifting beam or spreader. This method is often preferred over top lifting when:

  • Overhead clearance is limited: Bottom lifting allows for more clearance when working in tight spaces.
  • Lifting from uneven surfaces: Bottom lifting can be more stable on uneven ground compared to top lifting.



  • Secure cam locking mechanism: Ensures a positive connection with the container casting, preventing accidental disengagement during lifting.
  • Durable construction: For strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to install and remove: Requires no welding or modification to the container.


This device is also known as a bottom container lifting lug with camlock or bottom corner lifting fitting.

We also stock lifting lugs for top corners.

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