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BRI-001 Bridge Fitting 380mm

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Material: Heat Treatable Steel
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised
Load: Minimum breaking load tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN

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Bridge Clamp 380mm – Bridge Fitting 380mm

Shipping container bridge clamps, also called container bridge fittings, are used to connect shipping containers together side-by-side or end-to-end.

Bridge fitting clamps are an integral component of the products need to connect shipping containers together securely and help prevent stacked containers from falling when stored in a yard or when being transported on a truck, train or ship.

A bridge clamp works together with corner castings and twist locks. Corner blocks fitted to a shipping container allow connections vertically and horizontally via twist locks and bridge clamps. Twist locks are used to secure stacked containers vertically; bridge fittings are used to connect shipping containers horizontally.

Additional container lashing equipment such as wires, straps and chains can be used in conjunction with bridge fittings, twistlocks and corner casts for additional stability to prevent containers from sliding or tipping, especially in extreme conditions (such as high winds or rough seas).

BRI-001 is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is durable, strong and corrosion-resistant.

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Material: Heat Treatable Steel

Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised

Load: Minimum breaking load tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN

Watch Demonstration Video – What Are Bridge Fittings / Clamps For Shipping Containers


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