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LIF-001 – Corner Cast Lifting Bracket

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LIF-001 – Corner Cast Lifting Bracket – Rated to 6 Ton

Corner cast lifting brackets are used for lifting shipping containers. They attach to container corner castings and serve as robust attachment points for lifting and maneuvering containers during positioning, transportation, storage, or loading/unloading processes.

Lifting brackets are typically used in conjunction with bottle jacks (hydraulic jacks) to raise the container off the ground. The bottle jack is positioned under the bracket, and hydraulic pressure is applied to lift the container. (Bottle Jack is not supplied)

These brackets are versatile and can be used with various container sizes and types, including standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

Our container corner cast lifting brackets are constructed from heavy-duty steel to withstand the substantial weight of loaded containers.

Container lifting brackets are easy to attach to the corner castings using bolts or other secure fasteners and provide reliable lifting points to enhance safety during container handling operations.


Size:  178 x 162 x 118mm (L x W x H)
Material: SCW490
Weight: 10.5kg

Bottle Jack not included.

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