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TWI-050 – Trailer Twistlock Short Pin – Pin Only

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Truck Trailer Twistlock Short Pin – Pin Only

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Trailer Twistlock Short Pin – Pin Only

This container pin is used together with a truck trailer twistlock for secure attachment of a shipping container to a truck, trailer bed or other platform.

Trailer twist lock pins are also known as locking pins for a twist lock. Container locking pins are an invaluable component in securing shipping containers onto trailers or other platforms for safe transport. It securely locks the twist lock in place and helps ensure the container remains securely locked in place and doesn’t shift or dislodge during transit, even under demanding conditions.

The container pin inserts into the locking mechanism of the twist lock and prevents the twist lock from accidentally unlocking. It acts as an additional safety measure, reinforcing the locking mechanism and reducing possible risks.

Our container pins are made from high-strength steel for durability and reliability and are designed to fit snugly into the twist lock.

They are simple to install and remove.

This product is the Short Pin option. We also stock a Long Pin option.


Material: Forged Steel
Finish: Paint
Load: Minimum breaking load tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN

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